Pocket Jump Packs Vs heavy Duty Jump packs

Carrying a jump pack with you while you travel van potentially means that you can cut down on the long waiting hours for roadside assistance. Breaking down in the middle of the road might spoil your fun road trip, and have to wait until someone arrives to start their car. Waiting for long hours is usually the worst thing. In this situation, jump start becomes the sole savior and can help you out. With the help of the battery powered jump starter, you can help yourself without waiting for others.

How jump packs function

Their basic job is to act as a battery, and with the support of some alligator clamps, it can be attached to the battery of your car. When the jump pack is turned on it will transfer some of its power to the battery and bringing the dead battery to life. In doing so, the pack helps to boost the winding amps that are found inside the battery. The car will start as soon as the winding amps are boosted.

By this, you can avoid calling someone or help if you have a breakdown in the middle of the road trip. However, it can be hard to decide which is the best jump pack to buy. Here in this article, we have discussed the jump pack that you can buy. Do you want to go for the slightly less cost pocket jump pack, or do you want to invest your money in purchasing heavy-duty one? The difference between the two is that not very clear apart from their price bracket.

Size of the engine

While talking about heavy-duty jump it has enough power to start large engines such as commercial lorries, heavy-duty vehicles, and trucks, jump packs such as these usually come with a minimum 300 cold-cracking amps. On the other hand, pocket jump pack such as Fullela Pocket jump starter can be used to restart a usual engine of the car, however, they are not usually as powerful as their heavy-duty counterparts. Pocket jump pack usually are quite small in size, this means they will not have tons of power to them. This feature of the pocket jump pack makes it the best portable jump pack.

How many times they can be used?

Heavy-duty jump pack can be used near about 30 times before it needs to be charged again but for the pocket jump start and heavy-duty ones like it depends on several factors such as the size of the engine you are starting, air temperature and capacity of the jump starter.

On the other hand, pocket jump packs can be used roughly 20 times before they are required to be recharged. However, they need to be charged 2-3 months. This is because their lithium-ion batteries do not store power.

Additional features

The new models of the heavy-duty pack come with USB ports making the charging process more convenient, a flashing beacon and a 12-Volt power port. It is not necessary that every car with a huge engine will have a USB port, as there are still many older cars running on the road.

On the other hand, pocket jump pack seems to offer a lot more than its counterpart heavy-duty models. The cool feature that they possess is that they have LED lights, and USB adapters, they can also work with micro and mini USB’s this means that the users can charge their phones and other devices. This is a place where you can differentiate the pocket jump pack from the heavy-duty jump starter pack.

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