Why Customers Choose Imazing Jump-starter & Power Bank whether on Online Amazon or Offline Shop?

Imazing Power is a leading manufacturer who is specialized in the latest in-car jump starter and fast charging power banks over the past 20 years. There are more than 100 designers in R&D team. Our factory has more than 180 core patents and 178 international certifications. We cooperate with many global brands. We are an internationally recognized brand based in Ontario, United States of America


No matter online or offline shop like Autozone or refueling station,  as one of the best jump starter & bestseller on Amazon, our best quality and customer service have won trust from our customers and also countless "5 stars".


I've never seen that on one, and was actually surprised at how it works.

The other jump starters I have are very heavy, seemed to lose charge sooner than expected, and were limited in its capabilities.

When you use this to jump start your car, there is a display in the connector cables that will tell you the voltage supplied to the car and its status which is a bonus that I have not seen in other portable jump starters.

Today, here we would like to have a deep talk on our customers' comments toward us.

After comparing few products on Amazon, i decided to buy this. The Imazing Portable Car jump start comes with 20000 mAh battery that provides 2500 AMPs boost. The battery comes in nice pouch with compartments cables and battery. The portable jump start is very easy to follow unlike traditional booster cables setup where you may incorrectly connect cables. The battery has an LED indicator to display charge and other safety features - reverse polarity protection, reverse connection protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, short circuit protection, over-discharge protection.

The smart cable also has an LED indicator to display car battery charge. The battery also has 2 USB (one quick charge) and LED light for emergencies. The kit comes with 1 USB C cable for charging and 12 V DC cigarette lighting socket to charge other devices. The battey design is very sturdy. I absolutely like the fact that it came with a case to organize cables.

I have purchased/used several of these "starter boxes" in my years and all of them have disappointed me for various reasons i.e. very quick discharge, long recharge time, poor quality, designed by video gamers(?) etc.

I purchased this IMAZING 2500A (peak) unit in August, 2019 and can already say it is by far the sweetest unit I have ever purchased, hands down! My 5 year old 20hp ZTR mower with its one year old battery will rarely hold a charge between once/twice weekly cuts so I keep my IMAZING unit beneath the seat and it will start the mower several times before I need to recharge the unit. (I won't knock the mower mfg. here, but when there trained repair techs can't fix the electrical problem, let's just say my next mower won't be the same brand). Also, just several days ago we left the interior lights on in our car (6 cyl.) for 4 days while we were out of town. I didn't put a meter across the battery to measure for milivolts, but for all practical purposes the battery had zero power. I connected the IMAZING unit and the engine started immediately, without grinding at all, as if the battery was brand new. I was impressed!! For the money, I seriously doubt you can beat this little jewel.


For years, I've always kept a portable jump starter in my cars for emergency jumps and often times to assist others. The other jump starters I have are very heavy, seemed to lose charge sooner than expected, and were limited in its capabilities.
The Imazing Jump Starter has been a great replacement to the bulk and cumbersome units I own. I really like the available features found on this compact and lightweight unit:
Small and organized case
USB Type-C in/out
USB 2.1A out
USB 1.5A out
Lighter (w/included port) out
LED Flashlight (on - S.O.S. - flashing)
Haven't had to do an emergency boost with this unit, but the charging and power bank have worked flawlessly. With a small inflator or can of Fix-a-Flat, I'll be glad to take out the old large and heavy units. Great product, Imazing - Highly recommend!


This is an added bonus if you have any accessories that power of a 12V lighter port.

Easy to use, easy to hook up, and took my son all of five seconds to figure out how it works.
Got a neat little thing, which none of my other ones have, is the 12-volt accessory plug.

The kit also comes with a portable 12V lighter cable adaptor that can be attached to the battery. This is an added bonus if you have any accessories that power of a 12V lighter port.

It also comes with a 12v DC car socket that you can plug any 12v car gadget into (like a vacuum or tire air pump) if you car were to run out of battery or you just needed to use it without a car being present. I tried it on an electric tire pump and it performed well.


 I like the emergency use for the cell phones to charge them etc also.

This battery pack is robust and no joke. Holds a lot of juice. I keep it in my trunk for emergencies.

This is a great item to have and I plan on keeping mine in the car as I travel 200 to 400 miles a day for work.

This was definitely worth the price. I’ll be picking up another one to leave in my other car just in case.


Our mission as an Imazing brand is to help the customers with their queries, and we assure to help you whenever or wherever you are on the road or at home, we offer you complete safety. We customize and built our products as per consumers’ requirement. To meet your needs, we provide the best quality of products along with high technology to ease your daily life. Few essential measures like automatic, portable, easy, light, and multifunctional are our features.

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