Causes and Signs of Dead Car Batteries

Owning a car has become a necessity for everyone because of their lifestyle. But maintaining anything is not an easy job and the same goes for cars. One common problem that every car owner faces is the heavy draining of car batteries which eventually leads to its death. So to prevent this from happening, you need to know the causes which lead a battery to die. You also need to understand the signs of a dead car battery so it does not affect your daily schedule.

Here in this article, we will notify you of the ways what are the common signs when your car battery needs to be replaced with the newer replacement.

What Makes Your Car Battery to Drain Excessively?

A car battery is the most important part of a car, without a proper charge battery we can't even start a car the only way to start a car is with the use of portable jump starter.

If not maintained carefully, the battery will gradually exhaust itself and will eventually die. So knowing about what may affect your car’s battery will give you an upper hand.

• Human Error: After the strenuous work you do for your boss the whole day, you deserve to feel tired. Because of this tiredness, many people forget to turn off the headlights or the other systems. Those systems drain the battery overnight reducing the life of it. So if you find your car needs a jump start battery booster to start in the morning it probably is your fault, not your car’s.

• Electronic Parasites: Electrical problems such as a bad alternator or a broken fuse can also damage your batteries. Because of a bad alternator, your car may not get charged properly whereas a broken fuse drains the battery even when the car is off.

• Old Battery: Basically car batteries should be replaced every 4-5 years. If your battery is old, you can be sure that it will not be fully charged even if it is charged with the battery charger for the whole night. So keep the track of the age of your car battery. We should understand nothing is permanent every electronics devices or batteries age as the time pass away.

Temperature: Extremely hot or cold temperature can affect the life of your car battery. These conditions enable lead sulfate crystals to build up which can damage the battery in the worst possible ways. So not keeping your car in these conditions is a good idea.

Signs That May Tell You That Your Battery is Dead

There are many ways by which you can understand that your car battery maybe is dead. Some of these signs are-

• If your engine cranks after turning the key but does not start, it is possible that the dead car battery is the cause. So you will need a power booster pack to start your car.

• If your car battery is very weak, the dome light usually appears dim, whereas if it is dead, you will not be able to see any dome light at all.

• If you are using jump start battery pack for more than three times a week, then it is time to change your battery.

A car comes with many positive points which can help one with their busy schedule. Being an important part of the car, the battery provides power to various systems of the car such as radio, headlights, air-conditioner, etc. So keeping it well-maintained will not affect your daily and help you lead a happy life.

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