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• Power Banks: Why You Need One
• What to Know About Jumper Cables
• Planning a Family Vacation - Protect Your Car While You're Away
• Best Way to Charge Apple MacBook: Tips & Tricks
• 3 Things To Consider When Selecting A Power Bank
• The Best Power Bank Case to Protect All Your Accessories
• Which One Is Better for My Smartphone: Wireless Charger or Power Bank?
• How Do I Know Which Power Bank Suits My Device?
• What is a wall charger?
• Make Your Phone's Battery Last Longer
• Buy iPhone Car Charger at Reasonable Price
• 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Charging Your Smartphones
• iPhone Wireless Car Charger Vs iPhone Wired Car Charger: Which One Is Better?
• What you need to know about charging your iPhone 8
• 5 Reasons: Check out why your Smartphone may not be charging
• Features of Imazing iPhone Car Charger
• Powerful New Charging Accessories for Your Smartphone
• Why Using LED Flashlights Is Beneficial
• Why do charging cables break easily?
• Intelligent Protection Clamps
• C-Rate of Lithium-Ion Battery
• Battery Building Blocks
• Dual USB Ports
• SOS Lighting Signal for Emergency
• Power Bank Compatibility
• Types of Charger
• Power Bank – Advantages & Disadvantages
 Which car jump starter is best?
 Are portable jump starters safe?
 How Can I Tell I Need A New Car Battery?
 How Do You Charge A Portable Jump Starter?
• Why To Choose Imazing Power?
 How Do Jump Starter Packs Work?
 Signs Of Dead Batteries
 8 Reasons To Keep Jump Starter In Your Vehicle
 5 Tips To Fix Car Batteries
 Best Car Jump Starter Kit In Emergency
 Introducing Brand New Imazing Jump Starter
 Everything You Should Know About Jump Starter
 How To Choose Perfect Jump Starter
 Things to Remember to Increase life of Jump Starter
 Comparison between 4 Imazing Power Jump Starters
 How Do You Determine Which Portable Battery Jump Starter to get for your Car for Emergencies?
 Can a dead car battery be completely recharged by just jump starting the car and driving around?
 How does a jump starter battery provide so much amperage given such a small size?
 Can you jump start a car using the cigarette lighter socket?
 Does A Jump Starter Have To Be Fully Charged?
 Are Jump Starters Good?
 How Is A Portable Jump Starter Charged?
•  How Long Does It Take To Charge My Jump Starter
 How Long Does Jump Starter Battery Last
 How many amps do I need for a jump starter?
 What are the chemicals involved and how much do manufacturers use to actually make the battery?
 Will a car jump start with a bad starter?
 What does low voltage say about a car battery?
 What happens when car battery cables are wrongly connected?
 What should I look for in a portable jump starter?
 What peak Amp does a portable car jump starter need to be for a sedan?
 What cautions should I take when using the jump starter?
 Advantages Of Portable Jump Starter
 Difference Between Battery Charger And Jump Starter
 Step By Step Guide To Jump Start Power Bank With Booster Pack
 Pros And Cons Of The Peak Amps And Cranking Amps In Jump Pack
• What Factors You Should Look Before Choosing Power Bank for Mobile Phone?
• What is Power bank and How it Work?
• How long do power banks last?
• Tips to Increase Lifetime of Power Bank
• What will happens if a power bank overcharged?
• What is mAh in power banks?
• Good brand of power bank?
• How long does it take to charge a phone using a power bank?
• How do you store power bank?
• Comparison between 4 Imazing Power Banks
• What Precautions you should take while using power bank?
• What is actual output capacity of power bank?
 How many phones can a 10000mAh power bank charge?
• How is power bank capacity calculated?
• Safety Data Sheets
• Why Imazing Power Bank is Best Option for Your Cellphone?
• How much power bank is enough?
• How much Power Bank will Cost ? and price is depend on which factor?
• What is the difference between power bank and portable charger?
• Can a power bank charge itself?
• What determines how long a battery will last?
• Is it okay to charge your phone through a power bank while the power bank itself is being charged?
• What size power bank can I take on a plane?
• Can i charge a power bank with another power bank?
• How do you know is your portable charger is fully charged?
• Do power Banks damage battery?

 Introduction to Lithium Ion Battery

• What is a battery?
• What can a battery do?
• What exactly is in a battery?
• What’s in a Lithium ion Battery?
• What are the different types of Lithium ion Battery?
• Lithium ion Battery Type Summary

► The Basics of Electricity

• Charge Polarity
• Charge in Motion
• Ohm’s Law
• Resistance
• Nominal Voltage Ratings
• Battery Chargers & Batteries
• Time Required to Charge a Battery
• Charging a Battery, Equivalent Electric Circuits
• Discharging a Battery, Equivalent Electric Circuits
• Historical Background

► Battery Charging Basics

• What is a charge algorithm?
• Battery Charging Algorithm Fundamentals
• 5-Step Lithium Iron Phosphate Charging Algorithm
• What happens to a battery when it is charged and discharged?
• Summary

► Connecting Batteries & Chargers in Series & Parallel

• Series Connections
• Parallel Connections
• Series/ Parallel Connections
• Series and Parallel Battery Packs
• Two Batteries in Parallel, One Charger
• Two Batteries in Series, One Charger
• Connecting Battery Chargers to Series and Parallel Battery Packs


















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