• With the power of 2000A Portable Car Jump Starter-- it has 10L gas or 8L diesel engine up to 30 times on a single charge.
  • Compact in size, Can be fit in a glove box due its small size

  • SOS strobe, can be used as emergency light as a hazard warning light to notify a traffic accident or call for emergency services.

  • 18000mAh Power bank Dual USB output ,3X Stronger and reliable features.



With the power of 2000A Portable Car Jump Starter-- IM 27 offers is more than enough for a 10L gas or 8L diesel engine. With 12V power output, you can jump-start most vehicles with ease. 

The IM27 is a complete package and not just a portable jump starter. This is not just a portable jump starter but a jump starter power pack! With a complete package of 18000 mAh of charging power. It is more than capable of charging your gadgets and peripherals. USB Ports & Type C Port & DC Output: USB Qutput 1 (5V/3A,9V2A,12V1.5A), Output 2 (5V/2.1A), Type C In(Out)(5V/3A), DC Output (12V/10A).From your smartphone, tablet to just about any USB powered device you can think of, the IM27 can get the job done.


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Customer Reviews

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Melinda Crane
Imazing IM-27 - no charge cable received; supposed to have been included.

I bought my Imazing jump starter from Amazon, however, when looking up the order today for the IM27, in order to check the item page description for which accessories were advertised as included, I found out that Amazon no longer sells the IM27 or the Imazing brand of products! I looked up Imazing’s website & located that information today. I very recently used it for the first time to jump start my vehicle; but I discovered that no charge cable had been included..

I would like to receive a free replacement charger cable from Imazing for the missing one. I don’t have any other cables I can substitute that have the same type of connectors on the IM27 charge cable.

Attn: Imazing customer service, if you read these reviews & will ship me the missing charger for the IM27, I can provide you with my Amazon order number for reference, upon your request.

Shameez Yussuff
Charging cable

charging cable will not work

Harley Crapps

great tool

Vito Cialdella
IM.27 worked . With a partial charged

So I am a Auto/Diesel Technician 45 years . I own a Camaro ZL1 that goes to bed during the winter . I usually start the car once a month to maintain the battery .
So with this said I had family and weather issues which prevented me from doing this last month . To start off the battery was to weak to crank the engine but attempted to do so . So I decided would for go charging the battery the old fashion way and use the IM.27 pack THAT I RECEIVED AS A GIFT .
My Battery for the car is in my trunk which is not easy to get at . However I have jump points in the engine bay . I did a little test and connected the pack to a ground on the body I could not get the green light but when I connected to the dedicated ground to the battery the green light came on . Now I have read some of the complaints here and I feel I can give a honest opinion as as Stated I received this as a gift .
I believe this unit if properly charged and the car battery has a reasonable partial charge it will start the car if the unit does not see enough or no voltage from the car battery IT WILL NOT WORK ! On this statement there should be a override to tell the unit the car battery is completely dead and or a electronic amp flow regulator to determine if there is a dead short to the car or the battery is completely drained . I have a older jump pack that has a lead acid battery that WILL JUMP START A DEAD BATTERY ! I just think it should be considered 🤔.

Lilianne Nguyen
Does not work- have not received refund.

I really would have liked to leave a good review, but the jump starter that I received does not work. It has been over a month and I still have not received a refund yet, and they are making it difficult to process one. I do not recommend.

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