Frequently Asked Questions by Jump Starter Users

Whenever I went through a few forums or some other sites, what I observed is the common questions by users they generally ask, but unfortunately very few peoples provide the correct information. So today here in this article we will focus on those frequently asked questions by jump starter users and the information provided here will surely going to clear your doubts in your mind.

Lets’ find out those-

1- How can I know when my car battery needs a replacement?

If your car fails to start, this may be due to the car battery damage. Try to start it with the help of the jump starter not more than three times, with a five minutes break in between. Giving a five minutes break between each try is necessary because if you don’t, the battery inside the unit will expand due to heat and might result in permanent damage. If you are unable to start the car using the jump starter, get it tested by the professionals. Be aware that they might recommend a battery replacement just for the sake of a sale. Here is what you can do to make sure you are not being fooled.

Start the car and measure the voltage of the battery of the running car. Normally, the reading should be between 13.5V and 14.7V. Now, turn off the car. After five minutes, measure the battery voltage. If the reading is below 12.5V, the car battery needs to be replaced. However, in the case of catastrophic failure, you will have to get a new battery.

2- How to charge a portable jump starter?

The process of charging jump starters varies from brand to brand. Charging a jump starter is no rocket science. Here’s how you can charge your jump starter.

• Take out the adapter that you got along with your portable jump starter.

• Plug the adapter into the unit.

• Plug the other end of the adapter to the wall socket.

• Wait till you get an indication that the charging is complete. (You can leave it to charge overnight.)

Now, the charging time depends on two factors; the capacity of the battery bank inside the jump starter, and how much charge is left in the unit.

Do not wait until the jump starter battery completely runs out of charge. A completely drained battery affects the life of the battery. Make it a point to keep the jump starter completely charged. This will increase the life of the jump starter battery.

3- How to choose the best car jump starter suitable for emergencies?

A jump starter is a device that is going to save your day if you are stranded on a deserted road with a dead car battery. Therefore, it is important to choose the right jump starter for your car. Following are some points to consider while buying the best car jump starter.

• Check the compatibility

Check if the jump starter is compatible with your car model.

• Choose a jump starter that works on a completely discharged battery.

Some jump starters work only on low discharged batteries and not on completely discharged ones. Such jump starters are not helpful during emergencies when your car battery is completely dead.

• Pick up the right size

Car jump starter pack come in various sizes. Make sure the jump starter fits well inside your car trunk. They also come in different weights. Keep in mind that you should be able to lift the jump starter from your car trunk.

There are many reputed brands currently available in the market but you have to choose the brand carefully with safety measures certified. You can consider Imazing, which is one of the most reputed brands currently available in the market may be the best option for you.

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