How to choose good LED headlight bulbs?

Before you buy LED headlights, you should know that the following 5 indicators are the most important: 

  1. Brightness
  2. Beam Pattern
  3. Color Temperature 
  4. Fitment
  5. Life Span



According to the DOC regulations on road lighting safety, Led headlight bulbs were not allowed to exceed 200 lumens per watt. Most are less than 100 lumens per watt in the market. It is gratifying to note that Imazing headlight bulb reaches 150 lumens per watt, which is the best choice under the complying standard.

How to choose good LED headlight bulbs? - Brightness

[Beam Pattern]

The beam pattern is the angle of light from the LED headlight. The S.A.E guidelines don't permit the light above a certain angle, which makes other drivers feel dazzled. In order to get a optimal beam pattern, Imazing LED headlight is designed 1:1 in original headlight size to ensure the same beam pattern as your car.

How to choose good LED headlight bulbs? - Beam Pattern

[Color Temperature]

For LED headlights, one of the important ratings of quality is color temperature. A lower color temperatures, such as 3000K, appears yellow. This color has a long light wavelength, and is suitable for driving in inclement or foggy weather. 6500K(Imazing) is white and is the best color for most driving scenarios. A Higher color temperatures, such as 10000K, appears blue and look cool, but are not practical.

How to choose good LED headlight bulbs? - Color Temperature


Only the 1:1 size design with the original car lights, coupled with the intelligent decoding of the CANBus driver, can ensure work well in your car. Imazing led headlights's fitment up to 99%.

How to choose good LED headlight bulbs? - Fitment


The key factor that affects the life of a headlight is heat dissipation. Imazing led headlights with separate structure, a dual ball-bearing high RPM Fan, superb heat dissipation, which makes life span more than 50,000 hrs.

How to choose good LED headlight bulbs? - Life Span

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