Running out of Power? Here are the 5 Best Mobile Power Banks of 2019-2020

The development of communication technology has seen exponential progress in recent decades. The range of modern gadgets and devices from laptops, smartphones, and tablets available in the market at affordable prices has seen tremendous growth in demand. Most individuals across the globe own almost all of these devices for both their personal and professional needs. Modern devices come with attractive configurations and allow us to work with tremendous ease even when we are traveling.

Be it any gadget, a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, all of them depends on power on their batteries. Batteries come in different capacity sizes depending on the manufacturer. No matter what brand of device one owns, it is the battery which ultimately decides how long can you work on the gadget. In most cases, an electricity port is always near you but in certain cases access to electricity is difficult. Power banks in recent times have evolved from an optional addition to your gadgets list to an absolute necessity.

Mobile power banks come with high capacity batteries which provide an alternate source for recharging your devices on the move. The capacity of a power bank is measured in mAh. They can be charged through electricity and used at a later time when your device is running out of juice.

Below is a brief list of 5 best portable cell phone power banks of 2019-2020:

1. Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank

This power bank from Anker powered by a high capacity 20100 battery; weighs just 354g and comes with two 2.4 Amp ports. The most alluring aspect of this device from Anker is that it supports fast charging in two versions which are PowerIQ and Voltage Boost supporting various configurations. The gadget supports charging various brands including Apple and Samsung smartphones and tablets. The device is also supported to charge a laptop which makes it even handier. The price is very reasonable for such a high powered device and is a must-buy for frequent travelers.

2. MaxOak 50,000mAh Power Bank

This portable cell phone power banks from MaxOak comes with a massive 50,000mAh capacity battery with six charging ports. This high powered device is capable of charging most smartphones and tablets several times. Although these devices are not compatible with Apple laptops it can be used to charge laptops from brands like Sony, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, and IBM.

3. Imazing IM10 QC 3.0 Power Bank

This lightweight power pack for cell phone from Imazing powered with a 10,000mAh lithium-ion battery. The device comes in various color schemes and charges up to two devices simultaneously. The Imazing power bank is compatible with most smartphone and tablets devices in the market. The device is designed with a Type-C port allowing fast charge and is also compatible with all latest Apple laptops.

4. Mi 2i 20000mAh Power Bank

Mi has already led the smartphone world. This heavyweight power banks come with a high capacity 20000mAh battery with two ports which can be used to charge two devices together or one device and the power bank itself simultaneously. The Mi 2i is configured with Quick Charge 3.0.

5. iMuto 30,000mAh Power Bank

The iMuto power bank is another high capacity powered device configured with a 30,000mAh capacity battery. The device can easily recharge the battery of one smartphone over six times. The device is compatible with most smartphone, tablet, and laptop brands in the market.

Here are the few reputed brands power banks which may be the best option for you in 2019. Overall Imazing offers value for money power bank which is pocket-friendly and high on performance.

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