Imazing has launched a new car jump starter in his new line-up featuring IM31 the most and advanced featured a massive battery of 21000mAh battery which generates 2500Amps power and can jump-start flat batteries up to 40 times on a single charge. Jumpstarters are portable battery devices that permit for...

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Did you ever face jammed in the middle of the road with a dead car battery? What would you generally do in such a situation? Use another car to start your car battery with the help of jumper cables? Well, that’s an old school approach. Today, with the help of...

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imazing jump starter

What if your vehicle’s battery discharges in the middle of nowhere? Or you get stranded in a dark parking lot – one common in horror movies? And roadside assistance isn’t available? To avoid such crazy situations, you need to have essential preparation, like motorists may carry jumper cables in case...

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