Wall Charger - How to Get the Right Type?

With smartphones, tablets and wireless accessories becoming part of our daily lives wall chargers are more important than ever. It is easy to be swamped by the number of products available and be confused.

Here are the top charger types that you can get your hands on and how you should be deciding on which one to pick.

USB Wall Charger: Wall chargers are the most common type of chargers that you can get for smartphones and tablets. You simply plug the device into your wall socket and you will be able to use any USB cable to connect to your devices. Device manufacturers usually have one open port while third-party manufacturers offer multiple ports with fast charging enabled for efficient charging.

Some of the best wall chargers that are available right now come with power delivery and fast charging features. While they do promise fast charging, all you need to have a smartphone that supports fast charging to take full advantage of the modern features. For more details kindly confirm it before buying whether your device supports fast charging or not.

Portable Charger: When talking about portable chargers, we usually refer to power banks but there are two distinct variants available. The first, is, of course, the traditional portable charger which requires you to plug in wires to your power bank. A new variant of portable chargers is also available right now that allows you to charge devices under the Qi Wireless standard for wireless charging.

Car Charger: If you want the convenience of charging your phone in your car, it is now possible thanks to car chargers. All you need to do is connect your charger to the appropriate slot in your car and you will have access to one or more USB ports right in your car. Imazing latest USB car charger offers two USB ports in a single device. One port is designed for standard USB fast charging which is ideal for Apple’s iPhones and iPods. The other port is designed for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology which is commonly seen in Android phones and smartwatches.

Wall Charger: USB power adapter is usually bundled with smartphones, laptops and other devices. But the trend of bundling traditional wall chargers is still present especially in the home console and laptop markets. They do not come with USB ports for cables to be attached and detached. While you do lose the added functionality that allows you to double up the cable for data management, the longevity of the charger goes up drastically. The chances of your wall charger dying are far less compared to USB-chargers as there is far less wear and tear.

When it comes to chargers, it is all about choosing what is most convenient for you. You may be willing to ditch charging speed in favor of wireless experience, or would rather charge your phone in your car rather than carry a charger around everywhere. Each user has his own needs and what works the best for you is what you should be going for.

You should always invest in products that are reliable and one of the best brands that have been constantly pushing out quality brands is Imazing. They offer a range of products from all of the above categories and you should definitely check them out.

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