Why You Should Consider 5V Power Output Power Bank?

When it comes to power banks, there is a lot of false marketing that goes around to deceive consumers. One of the most common marketing gimmicks that go around is the “5V” power output. While a power bank may have 5V power output, it may still contain 3.7V batteries which will reduce the performance that you can get. And there is no way to find out unless you actually open up the power bank and check the Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries that are stored inside. So, how do you protect yourself from being duped?

The best practice you can adopt as a consumer is to choose products from reputed brands. Modern USB ports support 5V output by default but you also have to consider power conversion. Even the best portable power bank will have some conversion loss attached to it.

What is Conversion Loss?

When a power bank is being used to charge a device, some battery power is used up to facilitate the charging process. You can expect approximately 10% of conversion loss in standard power banks. So, if you get a 10,000mAh mobile power bank you can expect 9,000mAh of it to be available on an average. Some modern power banks are far more efficient but poor-quality power banks can have some severe drop-off.

Why is Getting a 5V Power Bank Important?

To reduce the amount of conversion loss experienced by power banks, manufacturers offer unmatched efficiency. 5V power banks usually support higher maximum battery capacity and offer more battery life for all of your devices. Shorter charging times also means that you will get far less conversion loss than 3.7A or lower efficiency power banks.

Conversion loss is negligible when using a 5V power bank. There is no testing of conversion loss needed as you can expect unmatched efficiency to begin with. It is a grey area that most battery manufacturers do not like to discuss and it is something that all consumers should know.

Do not fall for the usual method of diving the manufacturer-rated capacity by your phone’s battery capacity to get the number of recharges you can get out of a power bank. Always opt for reputed brands that have proven expertise at manufacturing power banks and command a loyal customer base.

Ending up with low-quality power banks can cause your devices to be damaged. Low-efficiency power banks can also cause you to end up with a very long charging time when powering up your smartphones, tablets, smart watches or other accessories. A cell phone power bank is a must-have accessory and you should not make compromises when purchasing them.

If you are looking for power banks that deliver solid charging efficiency you should consider Imazing’s products that are designed to keep your devices topped up for all-day usage. Their power banks deliver up to 10,000mAh capacity which is more than enough for most smartphones and tablets and should last you an entire day of usage.

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