There are quite a few mistakes people make when charging their phones using car chargers. While some of them arise due to urban myths, others are due to misinformation being spread by the media. Here are the top 10 mistakes that you should avoid.

• Charging Your Phone to 100% Before Using: There is absolutely no need to charge your phone till 100% battery capacity before using it. Even on your first usage, there is no real benefit to the common practice.

• Not Using Your Phone While Charging: While some older chargers might suffer from overheating issues, there is no real downside to using your phone while charging when using modern chargers.

• Not Charging Overnight: There is no fear of overcharging these days as most modern chargers come with overcharging protection.

• Putting Smartphone Batteries in the Freezer: It is a common practice to preserve unused batteries but there is no real benefit to it.

• Cleaning Apps Using Task Managers: You do not need to stop background apps as the OS does that for you by restricting their use when you are not using them actively.

• Worrying About Leaving Your Charger Plugged In: Even if your charger is active, power does not flow unless your phone is connected to it.

• Skipping Out on Charging: By not charging your phone you do not extend battery life, recharge your batteries whenever you need to.

• Turning Off the Internet: The amount of battery you save when turning off the internet (WiFi/data) is just not worth disconnecting yourself from the world.

• Turning off GPS: Just like your internet, there is no real need to turn off GPS as the feature is not used until an app actively tries to monitor your location on the foreground.

Worrying about operating temperatures: As long as you are not working in extremely hot conditions with work hazards or subzero temperatures, your phone will do just fine.

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