Do not attempt to place the equipment before you become familiar with the entire The Imazing Jump starter is a device that serves as an emergency starting source for cars operating instructions. Keep the instructions for future use with 12V battery. There is a built-in battery with short-circuit protection, reverse polarity Failure to observe or inappropriate implementation of these instructions may cause and over voltage, which also enables the operation of a backup battery (power bank). The personal injury or injury to others or may result in damage to equipment or workmanship. jump starter has an Emergency LED flashlight and has USB ports and USB-C Port ready This device must not be used by children, people with reduced mental capabilities, or to power the mobile electronics.
Check the level of battery of jump starter. To start the vehicle, it is necessary to have a capacity of at least 3-4 LEDs In the battery indicator. New jump starter must be charged before usage. Connect the starter cable with the battery clamps to the Jump starter with the blue connector. The LED display on the cable begins to show red dots that circulate around the display. The starter station is are easy.

General Safety Instruction
• This device must not be used by children

• Danger of accidents and life threatening infants and children! Never leave children. Use only 12 V vehicles for emergency launch. Use for vehicles with a different voltage would be unattended with packaging material. There is danger of suffocation. Do not let children dangerous. Prohibition of use for other devices such as aircraft, ships. play with cables - risk of strangulation! Do not let children play with building and assembly. DO NOT use this unit if the cables and their terminals are damaged. DO NOT use instead of the parts, swallow them and suffocate, or persons who do not have the skills car battery. DO NOT use as the battery charger.

• Using the device for purposes other than those described in this manual. Ensure that all clean battery connections and battery terminals are securely connected

• Subsequent damage due to unspecified and / or inappropriate use and /or faulty before emergency starting. If the battery terminals of the vehicle are dirty or corroded, accumulators. the current supplied from the unit will be reduced.

• Humidity and / or insufficient ventilation. 12) DO NOT RUN more than three starts in a row behind you. The unit could be damaged by

• Unauthorized opening of the device. These causes the warranty to expire.

• Remove all cables from the battery before attempting to drive your, DO NOT place the product in water.

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