You may noticed that your power bank have one or multiple USB ports to charge alternative devices, like phones and tablets. And additionally there's a USB mini port to charge an power bank itself from an power of a wall outlet. So, currently you surprise what if you plug one end of a USB cable in regular USB port of an power bank and alternative end into USB mini port, or charging port.

For a generic brand that isn't manufactured by a number of the recognized brand names, quality of a electronic equipment and battery are poorly designed. If you’re owner of that kind of power bank and if you connect it to charge itself you will probably end up with a short battery and it'll eventually start leaking.

You will get a dead power bank. On the flip facet, if you've got a number of the brand names power bank it'll do nothing once you connect it to charge itself. this type of power banks have excellent electronic equipment and battery style which is able to sight that you just connected power bank to itself and it'll protect it from short.

It will most likely start blinking in some pattern that you just don't seem to be saw before. Don’t panic, because power bank has already interrupt the reference to the sensible circuitry inside. the answer is clear, if you've got generic brand of an power bank don't attempt to charge itself, and if you've know brand name you'll be able to connect with charge itself however, you may get nothing. therefore it’s higher to not attempt to connect any power bank just to be safe.

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