If you would like to understand concerning charging batteries series and parallel then you have got in all probability asked or square measure speculative what the advantage is of connecting batteries series / parallel. If you want to know about charging series and parallel batteries then click over to our tutorial on perfectly balanced charging. You may discover why your batteries have not been lasting as long as you thought they should!

Batteries Connected in Series

Series Connections mostly used increase output voltage of the battery chargers to match the voltage of the battery and once space constraints need a custom charging style. once the DC voltage requirement is bigger than the charger’s output voltage, chargers of a similar voltage is connected asynchronous with every charger adding to the full output voltage, increasing volts with no impact on amps. for instance, four 12V 55-amp chargers connected series totals 48V 55-amps.

Batteries Connected in Parallel

Parallel configurations square measure used once a lot of capability is needed than the capability of one charger. Chargers of a similar voltage connected in parallel can increase amps with no impact on volts. for instance, four 12V, 55-amp chargers connected in parallel totals 12V, 220-amps.

In this kinds of battery bank, batteries are connected from terminals to same terminals of different batteries that's positive terminal (+) of one battery is connected with positive (+) terminal of different battery and negative terminal (-) of 1 battery with negative terminal (-) of different battery.

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