Jump starters depend on a battery as their power capacity. Accordingly, they must be periodically recharged. Continuously recharge your jump starter and battery booster pack after each use and at least once in every 6 months. These jump starter batteries will lose their charge fastly if left in the car during hot and cold weather. We recommend charging your portable battery before going on a long trip.

Generally a marker light on the jump starter discloses to you when a revive is important. basically insert the power adapter into an outlet and charge the battery until a complete charge. Check the manual instructions for specifics, including what the light indicator colors etc.

When you charge a car battery, be sure that you are plugging the cables properly, it is always recommended to read the owners manual before operating. If the battery is overcharge, stop battery charging until it has had time to cool off. overcharging and overheating and  the battery can be dangerous and harming.


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