With users carrying more than one portable device on the go, dual USB ports are becoming commonplace in car chargers. If you are unaware of what Dual USB ports are, they are essentially fast charging ports that can be installed in cars. Most modern Dual USB ports offer Qualcomm’s QuickCharge technology to enable fast charging. Fast charging can enable you to charge most of your battery at nearly four times the speed. If your smartphones, tablets or accessories support fast charging it is strongly recommended to opt for car charger modules with dual USB ports.

Fast charging can offer up to four times the speed over standard chargers and nine times the speed over traditional wireless chargers. If your device is not compatible with fast charging, you will still get your standard charging speeds to keep your phone, tablet or accessories topped up. Modern Dual USB ports are capable of automatically identifying the amount of power they need to drive to your devices to charge them as efficiently as possible. After all, you do not want to exceed the maximum permissible voltage to any of your devices else the batteries can be permanently damaged.

Another feature that makes it to Dual USB Ports these days is USB Passthrough. It is essentially a USB extension that allows you to connect your audio devices to your car’s speaker system using an MDI radio interface. While it might not be the most practical feature to have for a number of users as Bluetooth gets the job done just fine, you may still be interested in an USB-based interface. Overall, Dual USB Ports offer a lot more functionality over traditional single ports and in case you want to get the most out of your smart devices and car’s features, we recommend choosing dual ports.

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