Even though phones and other portable devices are becoming more popular than ever, battery technology has been unable to keep up with the advancements in technology. We use our phones more than ever before and to keep up with our usage, power banks have become a must for uninterrupted usage. If you are looking for the right power bank for your devices, you need to look at several deciding factors.

• Focus on Portability: Power banks come in all shapes and sizes and it is up to you to decide what suits you best. If you think you will do just fine with something fits in your pocket, opt for a smaller power bank. While users who have their bags or backpacks with them all the time can opt for bigger power banks.

• Don’t Forget the Battery Capacity: Ideally, your power bank should be able to charge your devices to full at least once. Total the battery capacity of all the devices you carry to find the right power bank. But you also have to consider that you lose anything between 10% to 30% efficiency when power banks charge your devices so you want to get a fair bit more than you actually need.

• Buy Only Fast Charging Power Banks: Considering you will be carrying your power bank with you all the time; it is important to have something that charges up fast. You ideally want to opt for something that supports 10W charging at the very least. The power bank should also support fast charging if your devices have quick charge functionality.

• Don’t Forget Extra Features: Most power banks don’t come with too many extra features. Things like LED flashlights, LED displays and light indicators. Pick and choose based on the features you really need and skip ones with unnecessary features.

• Price: While there are cheap powers banks available you do not want to cheap out on quality as it can harm your devices due to poor quality of components.

The deciding factors above should help you choose the perfect power bank for all of your devices and keep them powered on the go.

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