Every power bank needs be charged. This typically required a USB to Micro-USB cable. connect your power bank input port to a standard USB wall charger.

Connect your power bank to charger, generally most power banks need 5V 2A input therefore the corresponding charger would be the most effective option to charge them. Avoid charging with laptop USB port. completely different charging strategies could result different charging time , charging with the first charger are going to be quicker than charging with laptop USB port.

When the expected charging time is up, disconnect the charger and apply any compatible device to your power bank and take a look at whether or not the power bank was charged. If it works smoothly, the reversible cycle is alright, however, the indicator is dead, we cannot make sure that your power bank is totally charged, a minimum of it’s positively not overcharged for the protection concern. If it’s not functioning at all, the power bank is probably going to be damaged, you need to contact the customer service center to repair it or obtain a replacement one.

The quality of your cable will facilitate to see however quickly your power bank and hooked up devices power up. Higher quality cables also protect your devices from warming and harmful power surges.

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