Our mAh calculator takes into thought natural current loss and environmental factors. we have a tendency to our own simple equation to determine rate of charge. Most modern smart phones ship with quick charging technologies like Quick Charge or quick Charge over USB-C. Such fast charging can charge your phone at very quick speeds.

Fast charging is great once you are in hurry. However, quick charging uses high voltage and this more reduces the usable battery capability of power bank and drains power bank battery a lot of quicker.

First we should know two things: current and voltage

Use formula: power = voltage x current

Every power bank contains a conversion rate. Higher power banks possess around 90% conversion rate. Power bank conversion rate is additionally associated with batteries utilized in the assembly.

To calculate conversion rate with the important capability and charging times you do the following:

If the battery power is marked 4000mAh, then the ability of a 4000mAh power bank ought to be 4 * 3.7 = 14.8W, calculate by our polymer batteries conversion rate of 80%, the important total power offer for charging are often 11.8W. Take a 1500mA good phone for instance, the demand power is 3.7*1.5 = 5.55W, then it will charge the phone twice. therefore if you wish to charge your tablet, you would like a bigger capability power bank, the power bank capability ought to be over 8000MA and might offer high current 2A output charging requirments.

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