Power Bank comes with completely different names, battery packs, portable chargers, pocket power cells and back-up charging devices to call simply few. however no matter you decision them, all of them charge your phone or laptop without having an power outlet.

Power Bank, comes altogether shapes and sizes, smaller sizes for an important smart phone boost in your pocket, or larger sizes for multiple charges or to charge a laptop.

Common sizes range from 2,000mAh up to 10,000mAh or 26,000mAh. larger numbers mean a lot of power and more recharges for your smart phone, or charging for larger devices that require a lot of power, like tablet.

We’ve used smart phones and tablets to check battery sizes, however most power banks can charge any device that charges via USB, like a camera, laptop. larger devices that draw a lot of power can want larger batteries more mAh to charge them absolutely.

Technically the quality USB port on your power bank can match any standard USB cable. However, the quantity of power it will offer could vary. A power bank is just a tool that holds energy and it’s accustomed charge devices like your smart phone whereas on the go.

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