Wireless charging technology has been around for several years now but its adoption has been fairly slow considering most devices supporting wireless charging are flagship devices. With smartphones becoming more popular and even Apple introducing more affordable iPhones like the latest XR variant, it is the perfect time to invest in wireless chargers.

When it comes to the differences between wireless and wired charging, it is all about convenience. The tradeoffs are quite minor and you have to trade off between speed and convenience. The best thing about wireless charging is that you do not have to go through the hassle of connecting wires when you want to charge your iPhone. On the other hand, wired chargers are still significantly faster. While that may change in the future and both variants might be on par with each other, as of now it is up to you to decide if you like faster charging times more or the convenience of being wire-free.

The same applies to car chargers as well. Both have their own strengths but considering that the latest iPhones support wireless charging it makes sense to go the wireless route. You do not have to fiddle with wires. Moreover, wireless chargers also reduce the amount of stress that your iPhone suffers due to wear and tear. If you are someone who travels a lot we recommend investing in wireless chargers for your cars as they are far more convenient and you won’t find yourself stranded with a broken cable.

If you want to purchase a car charger for your iPhone consider investing in Imazing’s products as they are extremely affordable and use top-notch circuitry to ensure your devices are charged even in less than ideal operating temperatures. There are safety mechanisms present as well to keep your iPhone protected in case of power surges.

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