Apple has been one of the pioneers of mixing aesthetics with technology and the brand’s iPhones are some of the best-looking phones out there right now. Just like the brand’s phones, the accessories are sleek and eye-catching as well but they also have their own downsides. In the rush to make the most aesthetically pleasing accessories, we lose out on features that make chargers and other accessories last a whole lot longer. In case you are stuck with a dead charger and find yourself in a situation where you have to keep buying new chargers all the time, here are some tips to help you out.

• Don’t Coil Cables: A lot of users tend to coil their cables when they are done using them. It is a habit that you must break if you want your chargers to last a whole lot longer. You can always get better-braided cables that do not let the inside wiring get damaged even when you coil them but the best way out is to just take better care of the cables.

• Don’t Use Your iPhone While Charging: While it is okay to use a high-quality car charger like one from Imazing when using your iPhone and driving at the same time, your average wall charger just might not cut it. Most of it has to do with the charger being unable to drive enough power and overheating because your usage drains the battery faster than the charger is able is keep up with the stress on the hardware.

Imazing’s iPhone chargers are great alternatives to your standard iPhone chargers as they are able to withstand high operating temperatures and are also resistant to short-circuiting. You will be able to get far more use out of your charger when using Imazing products compared to your standard Apple charger.

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