Manufacturers rate a battery by assignment a nominal voltage, and with a number of exceptions, these voltages follow associate in agreement convention. Here are the nominal voltages of the foremost common batteries briefly.

A rated or named value, stating the accessible, input, or output voltage of a part, circuit, device, piece of kit, or system, under nominal conditions. for example, the expressed AC line voltages for a given neighborhood is also 115/230, wherever the lower range is primarily for lighting and small appliances, and therefore the larger range is for heating and huge appliances. the particular values, or interval of values, might not coincide with these numbers. known as nominal voltage rating, or rated voltage.

Rated voltage
The rated voltage is that the worth of voltage accustomed designate the switch gear and to that is expounded its operative performance. The rated voltage indicates the higher limit of the best voltage of systems that the switch gear is meant. For polyp hase systems it's expressed because the RMS worth of the voltage between phases.

A battery is a electrochemicle device that produces a voltage potential once putting metals of various affinities into associate acid answer (electrolyte). The circuit voltage that develops as a part of associate chemistry reaction varies with the metals and solution used.

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