While power banks are available quite easily, choosing the right power banks can be difficult for most users. To ease the decision-making process users should consider the most important factors before deciding on a purchase. The first thing that every aspiring power bank owner should do is calculate the total battery capacity of all portable devices owned. Power banks are rated using the symbol mAh. You can easily find out the battery capacity of your devices which will have their capacity represented using the same term.

The total battery capacity of all your devices should be the ideal power bank capacity but there is a catch. Power banks can eat up anything between 10% to 30% battery capacity when charging a device and efficiency needs to be accounted for. If you are purchasing a power bank you have to invest in one that offers at least 30% more capacity than the sum of all your devices.

The second most important factor that you need to keep in mind when looking at power bank compatibility is the charging speed. Not all power banks are designed the same way and you may need to consider the amount of power output that your phone can take in as well as the maximum power output of your power banks. Ideally, you want to opt for something that has at least 1.5A of charging output. Some phones and other smart devices come with fast charging features and you may want to invest more in those products.

Finally, wireless charging is taking off as well and if you want to get rid of all the wires attached to your power bank you can consider purchasing a wireless power bank. However, your devices need to support Qi wireless charging else you will not be able to take advantage of the new technology.

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