Smartphones have evolved rapidly over the years but one of the fronts where the technology is still lagging is battery life. While it has to do more with smartphones becoming more power hungry than battery technology being bad, it is no fun running out of power at the worst possible times.

• Imazing QC 3.0 Type-C 10000 Wall Charger: Imazing is known for its fast chargers and the QC 3.0 wall charger is one of the brand’s best products. It comes with 5 charging ports, all of which are capable of quickly charging any smartphone that supports Qualcomm’s Quick charge technology extremely fast.

• Imazing Power Port 6 Multi USB Charger: The Multi USB Charger from Imazing is an all-in-one solution for all your charging needs. It supports all popular smartphones including iPhones and the latest flagship Androids. Unlike other USB chargers that fail to deliver enough power to tablets, the Power Port charger by Imazing does not disappoint with its incredible charging speeds even for power-hungry tablets. It meets all energy efficiency standards and is capable of charging up to five devices at the same time.

• Imazing iPhone Car Charger with 5V/2.1A USB C & Quick Charge 3.0: If you are looking for a car charger that supports Qualcomm’s Quick charge technology, Imazing iPhone car charger is simply one of the best for both Androids and Apple products. You can charge your iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Android smartphones. There are two USB ports with one designed for standard USB charging and lighting cables while the other is designed for Qualcomm’s Quick charge enabled smart phones.

Imazing does not disappoint with its quality and their lineup of car charging accessories are just incredible value for money. If you want trusted accessories, the brand has you covered with the right mix of utility and cost-effectiveness.

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