Product safety info:

1. Never connect the red and the black clamps, or it will cause danger.

2. Never disconnect or destroy the jump starter, or it will cause danger.

3. When children us this jump starter, please make sure they are under the eyes of parents and handle it according to the manual, to avoid potential loss.

4. Please leave the jump starter at dry place, far away from wet or corrosive materials.

5. If you find the jump starter inflate, please stop use at once.

6. Please used this jump starter at normal temperature and be far away from too wet, too hot and fire.

7. Please don’t start the car continuosly, between twice start, there should be intervals at least 15 seconds.

8. When the rest power is less than 10%, please don’t use jump starter, or it will do harm to the jump starter.

9. When you use for the first time, please charge the product 3 hours or more.

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