Series Connection circuits are generally named as current-coupled or daisy chain-coupled. The current in a electric circuit goes through each part within the circuit. Therefore, all of the parts in a very series association carry an equivalent current.
A electric circuit has just one path within which its current will flow. gap or breaking a electric circuit at any point causes the complete circuit to "open" or stop operative. for instance, if even one among the sunshine bulbs in associate degree older-style string of Christmas tree lights burns out or is removed, the complete string becomes inoperable till the bulb is replaced.

A common application of electric circuit in client physics is in batteries, wherever many cells connected serial are wont to get a convenient operative voltage. 2 disposable Zn0 metallic element cells serial may power a torch or device at 3 volts; the battery pack for a hand-held tool may contain a dozen lithium-ion cells wired serial to produce forty eight volts.

this type of association is employed after you ought to increase the voltage of your battery bank. you'll notice these styles of battery connections altogether styles of battery banks as well as twelve potential unit, 24 volt, forty eight potential unit systems. The connections during this form of battery bank are completely different than parallel. Your batteries are connected from positive to negative, linking the batteries along to extend the voltage of your battery bank.
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