When your battery isn't operating properly, it affects the entire vehicle. Batteries have a restricted lifetime, thus if you've got not replaced your battery for a number of years, you'll have to be compelled to replace it to stay your car running. often checking the water level in your battery, if applicable, will facilitate to prolong its life.

Clicking Sound
A clicking sound once you turn the key, rather than engine ignition, may be a common sign that your battery is weak or dead. the click sound comes from the starter motor; it always indicates that the battery doesn't have enough power to start the engine.

Dimming Lights
If the lights on the inside and exterior of the car dim once you start the engine, this might be a proof that the battery goes dead or doesn't have a full charge. Check the battery to create certain it's connected firmly, and there's no corrosion or buildup on the terminals.

Headlights and radio won’t turn on, or headlights are very dim
If your headlights and radio won’t activate, and your car additionally won’t start, then the matter is typically a dead battery. Alternate causes: Blown main fuse, unsound battery connections, or alternative wiring problems.

When you turn the ignition key, nothing happens.
If the battery is completely dead, you won’t hear or feel something the least bit once you turn the key.

Slow crank
Drivers become attuned to the traditional sounds of their vehicles. If you notice that your engine cranks additional slowly or sluggishly than normal once you turn the key, your battery is also nearing its death. Don’t ignore this red flag!

This is one warning call you can’t miss! A failing lead-acid accumulator can cause intermittent sparks. These discontinuous sparks will result in fuel accumulating within the cylinders. once this build up fuel is ignited, it’s ignited suddenly and with enlarged force, inflicting your car to backfire. detain mind that backfiring may be a proof of many completely different issues, thus A battery check is vital here!

Loose or Corroded Connections
One reason behind battery issues may be the cable connections. If the battery cables are loose, they'll not transmit the complete charge to the engine once you try and start it. make certain the cables square measure connected firmly, and also the wires square measure in intact and in good condition. Also, look for corrosion on the terminals, which may stop the vehicle from beginning. If the connections square measure secure and clean, however the automobile still will not begin, this might indicate a dead battery.

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