Check the level of battery of jump starter. To start the vehicle, it is necessary to have a capacity of at least 3-4 LEDs In the battery indicator. New jump starter must be charged before usage.

• Connect the starter cable with the battery clamps to the Jump starter with the blue connector. The LED display on the cable begins to show red dots that circulate around the display. The starter station Is ready. NOTICE: Additional smart cable LED display options are described In the "Smart cable LED display" chapter.

• Connect the red clamp to the positive pole (+) and the black clamp to the negative terminal (-) of the battery.

• Start the vehicle. The smart cable shows the voltage on the LED display, updated every 5 seconds.

• Disconnect the clamps from the battery.

• Disconnect the start-up cable from the Jump starter.

NOTICE! You must disconnect the Jump Starter within 30 seconds after starting, otherwise it may be damaged. If the vehicle does not start within 6 seconds since starting of vehicle, let the Jump starter cool down for 2 minutes before starting again. Do not exceed 4 attempts to start. If the start fails, the car battery is probably defective or the starter station does not have enough power to start the vehicle.

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