Types of Charger

There are several types of chargers available these days that allow users to charge their smartphones, laptops and other devices on the go. Here are the most commonly seen variants:

Simple charger: These are standard wall chargers that do not come with detachable cables. They are designed specifically for charging devices and do not offer any added functionality.

Fast Charger: Fast chargers are designed to recharge batteries at a faster rate but they also require a compatible device to be able to bring down the total charge time.

Induction powered charger: Induction-based chargers are essentially wireless chargers that use electromagnetic waves for charging purposes.

Three-Stage Charger: These are commonly used for lead-acid batteries to prevent leakage and overcharging. The batteries are charged in three stages with the first stage being the most effective in terms of percentage charged.

Intelligent Charger: Intelligent chargers automatically stop charging once a battery hits 100% to conserve electricity as well as protect devices from overcharging.

Motion Powered Charger: Motion powered chargers are driven by your movement similar to how hand-crack lighting works. All you need to do is keep the charger attached to your body and any physical activity will allow the charger to fill up your phone’s battery.

Pulse Charger: Pulse chargers feed power to batteries in “pulses” in for of electric discharges. Some pulse charging methods are also patented as they are designed for very specific products.

Solar Charger: Solar chargers draw power from natural light sources and converts them into direct current. They are ideal for carrying around but are ineffective when sufficient light is not available.

Universal Battery Charger: Universal battery chargers offer complete control over the amount of voltage that is fed into batteries and can also be automated.

USB Charger: USB chargers are the most commonly seen chargers for smartphones and tablets these days. They come with a USB port designed specifically for charging and the ports cannot be used for data transfer or management.

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