Lithium-ion batteries are essential to modern technology, powering smartphones, laptops, medical devices and even electrical vehicles. Lithium-ion is called for its active materials; the words ar either written fully or shortened by their chemical symbols. A series of letters and numbers set up along may be onerous to recollect and even more durable to pronounce, and battery chemistries also are known in abbreviated letters.

Lithium-ion is particularly helpful, as a result of its ions may be organized to maneuver between the anode and therefore the cathode, exploitation associate degree intercalated metallic element compound because the cathode material however while not exploitation metallic element metal because the anode material. Pure metallic element can instantly react with water, or perhaps wet within the air; the metallic element in metallic element particle batteries is during a less reactive compound.

The most common variety of metallic element cell employed in client applications uses aluminous metallic elements anode and Mn oxide as cathode, with a salt of metallic element dissolved in associate degree organic solvent.

Lithium cobalt oxide
Also known as lithium cobalate or lithium-ion cobalt batteries, lithium cobalt oxide batteries are made from lithium carbonate and cobalt. Due to their very high capacity, these batteries are used for cellphones, laptops and electronic cameras. They have a cobalt oxide cathode and a graphite carbon anode; during discharge, lithium ions move from anode to cathode, with the flow reversing on charge.

Lithium manganese oxide

batteries are also commonly called lithium manganate or lithium-ion manganese batteries. They may also be referred to as li-manganese or spinel. Lithium manganese oxide batteries are notable for their high thermal stability, and are also safer than other lithium-ion battery types.

Lithium iron phosphate
Lithium iron phosphate batteries, also called as li-phosphate batteries, use phosphate as a cathode. They benefit from low resistance properties, which enhance their safety and thermal stability.

Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide
Also called as lithium manganese cobalt oxide or NMC batteries, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide batteries are made of several materials common in lithium-ion battery types. 


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