A battery is a self-contained, chemical electrical converter that may turn out a restricted quantity of electric power where it's required. not like traditional electricity, that flows to your home through wires that pop out in a very power station, battery slowly converts chemicals packed within it into voltage, generally free over a amount of days, weeks, months, or perhaps years.

Basic unit of measurement within battery is named a cell, and it consists of 3 main bits. 2 electrodes (electrical terminals) Associate in Nursingd a chemical known as an solution in between them. For our convenience and safety, these items square measure typically packed within a metal or plastic outer case. There square measure 2 additional handy electrical terminal, marked with a positive and negative, on the surface connected to the electrodes that square measure within. The distinction between battery and a cell is justlely that battery consists of 2 or additional cells connected so their power adds along.

It's important to notice that the electrodes in a battery square measure invariably made of 2 dissimilar materials, that clearly need to be conductors of electricity. this can be the key to however and why battery works: one amongst the materials likes to offer up electrons, the opposite likes to receive them. If each electrodes were made of identical material, that would not happen and no current would flow.

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