There are three major sources of danger when you jump-start a car, and they both apply whether you use another car or a jump box as the source of power. the primary is that the dead battery might have explosive gas leaky out of it, the second is that you simply will severely harm the vehicle's electrical system if you hook the jump confine backward, and therefore the third is that the jumper cables or jump box should be routed or set in a very safe location.

While it's true that there's an exact level of risk concerned in jump-starting a car, you'll be able to minimize it to virtually nothing if you follow the proper procedures.

There are a couple of instances wherever jump starting could be a dangerous plan. as an example, several hybrid vehicles have a 12-volt auxiliary battery that may be jump-started if it goes dead, however making an attempt to use this low capability battery to produce a jump begin to some other person could be a dangerous plan. The problem is that such a little battery might find yourself utterly drained when providing a jump begin, that might leave you stranded. therefore whereas most hybrids will be jump started, deliberate before giving one to some other person.

There is another potential jump starting issue that’s related to vehicles that have batteries that area unit tough to access. a number of these vehicles have an overseas positive terminal for charging and jump starting the battery, need you to try and do some work to access the battery. In cases wherever an overseas terminal isn’t accessible, it’s usually a foul plan, and doubtless even unsafe, to leap the vehicle by victimization the positive terminal on the fuse box, or the other association that isn’t truly the battery.

As so much as portable car jump starters area unit involved, they’re utterly safe with the one caveat that you simply still need to follow all of the proper procedures. you continue to ought to hook a automobile jump starter up within the right order and within the right places, and you'll be able to solely use one to leap begin a standard lead-acid battery or the auxiliary 12V battery in a very hybrid, however not the high voltage batteries in a very hybrid.

Below are some of the most necessary things that you simply need to confine mind:

• Take a look at your jumper cables and confirm that they're within the right condition. they have to be free from rust. If they're already done in, although you connect the clamp on the correct terminals, it'd not estimate needless to say.
• scan the manual before you begin. whereas there area unit general rules once jump starting, there area unit some steps that you simply mustn't miss. as an example, within the case of newer automobile models, you may ought to attach lugs before you jump begin.
• See there to that the car is in park or neutral. the smallest amount that you simply would need is to be run over whereas making an attempt to rescue your battery.
• Be protected as you begin the method of jump starting. sporting specs Associate in Nursing gloves can reduce the chance of affected by an accident.
• Before you jump start the battery, confirm that the liquid isn't frozen.
• Perform Associate in Nursing review on each of the batteries before you begin. don't proceed if there area unit leaks or cracks. they will result in Associate in Nursing explosion.
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