Battery is a device that stores energy and converts it to power. There are totally different battery technologies that permit electric battery to figure. The chemical reactions in a very battery involve the flow of electrons from one material (electrode) to a different, through AN external circuit. The flow of electrons provides an electrical current which will be wont to work.

These batteries are often recharged upon the appliance of electrical current, that helps to reverse the chemical reactions that present itself once the battery is employed. Devices designed to produce an appropriate current supply ar called chargers or rechargers. Lead-acid batteries are the foremost ancient form of reversible battery.

A battery may be a device that stores energy, and converts it to electricity. this can be called chemical science and also the system that underpins electric battery is termed AN chemistry cell. electric battery are often created from one or many (like in Volta's original pile) chemistry cells. every chemistry cell consists of 2 electrodes separated by AN solution.

When the anode and cathode of electric battery is connected to a circuit, a reaction takes place between the anode and also the solution. This reaction causes electrons to flow through the circuit and back to the cathode wherever another reaction takes place. once the fabric within the cathode or anode is consumed or not able to be employed in the reaction, the battery is unable to supply electricity. At that time, your battery is dead.

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