Batteries Charging and discharging is a chemical action, however Li-ion is claimed as associate exception. All battery parameters are plagued by battery charging and recharging cycle. A key parameter of A battery in use in an exceedingly PV system is that the battery state of charge. It is defined as the the fraction of the full energy or battery capability that has been used over the full accessible from the battery.

This claim has merits, however if the scientists were whole right then the battery would live forever, and this can be fancy. The consultants blame capability fade on ions obtaining unfree. For simplicity, we tend to think about aging a corrosion that affects all battery systems.

Battery State of Charge

Battery state of charge offers the magnitude relation of the number of energy presently hold on within the battery to the nominal rated capability. as an example, for A battery at 80% SOC and with a 500 Ah capability, the energy hold on within the battery is 400 Ah. a typical thanks to live the BSOC is to live the voltage of the battery and compare this to the voltage of a completely charged battery. However, because the battery voltage depends on temperature moreover because the state of charge of the battery, this measurement provides solely a rough plan of battery state of charge.

Battery State of Discharge 

In many kinds of batteries, the total energy hold on within the battery can not be withdrawn while not inflicting serious, and sometimes irreparable harm to the battery. The Depth of Discharge (DOD) of A battery determines the fraction of power which will be withdrawn from the battery. as an example, if the executive department of A battery is given by the manufacturer as 25%, then solely 25% of the battery capability will be utilized by the load.

Nearly all batteries, notably for renewable energy applications, are rated in terms of their capability. However, the particular energy which will be extracted from the battery is commonly considerably but the rated capability. this happens since, notably for lead acid batteries, extracting the total battery capability from the battery dramatically reduced battery life. The depth of discharge (DOD) is that the fraction of battery capacity which will be used from the battery and can be nominative by the manufacturer. as an example, A battery 500 Ah with a executive department of 20% will solely offer 500Ah x .2 = 100 Ah.


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