A battery is a hardware element that provides power to a tool, facultative that device to figure while not an influence wire. Batteries area unit typically capable of powering a laptop computer for many hours looking on what proportion power it needs.

Batteries area unit a group of 1 or a lot of cells whose chemical reactions produce a flow of electrons in a very circuit. All batteries area unit created from 3 basic components: associate anode (the '-' side), a cathode (the '+' side), and a few reasonably solution (a substance that with chemicals reacts with the anode and cathode).

Today, several high-end devices like pc, laptops and cell phones use reversible batteries that enable a user to recharge the battery once depleted of energy. the image below is associate example of what a laptop computer battery might seem like once faraway from the laptop computer, with a close-up of the battery rating.

Batteries area unit out there in various sizes, that vary from the miniature cells employed in gliding joint watches and power hearing devices to batteries the dimensions of rooms that area unit wont to provide standby power for knowledge centers and phonephone exchanges.

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