The mAh is usually describe the capacity of battery. The mAh stands for milliamps per hour and is that the unit that indicates however long (per hour) the facility bank will deliver an explicit quantity of current (mA). it’s represents the battery capability of the power banks. a typical adapter with a smart phone has associate output of a 1000 mA. after you charge your smart phone for associate hour, your smart phone contains 1000 mAh. With a power bank of 10,000 mAh you will then charge your smartphone 10 times.

The number of times you'll be able to charge your smart phone, tablet or laptop with an power bank depends on the capability of the battery. you'll be able to simply calculate however typically your devices are often charged with an power bank after you devide the capability of the power bank by the capability of your device.

One common idea is that we are able to merely divide the capacity of battery by the capability of a smart phone/tablet to work out how many cycles we are able to use this power bank to charge the smart phone/tablet.

Each power bank has its own capability which shows however typically your electrical appliances are often charged together with your power bank. an power bank with additional capability (mAh) will so charge your devices additional typically compared to an power bank with less capability.

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