They both are same factor if you are relating the pocket size battery packs that are created to charge small electronic devices such as your cellular phone. A portable charger is a kind of power bank and can be designed to charge a no. of things. like a portable battery charger for your car.

There is no distinction: Power Bank and Portable Charger are one and therefore the same. through Power bank with the exception of the small one are comes certain heavy usage with high voltage and Power specifications. A power bank is any large set of batteries used for storing electricity that will not be used right way.

A lightweight power bank or mobile battery pack that you just will carry anyplace.
They go below totally different names: battery packs, power banks, portable chargers, pocket power cells and back-up charging devices to name just a few. But no matter you decision them, all of them do an equivalent factor.

Make sure you’re always connected with backup battery power that’s as mobile as you're. Battery packs are available all shapes and sizes, smaller sizes for Associate in essential smartphone boost in your pocket, or larger sizes for multiple charges or to charge a tablet.

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