Power Banks are a superb source of portable power for your phone and may facilitate in things once you’re low on power. like several alternative varieties of batteries, power banks have to be compelled to handled with care to confirm prolonged period of time and safety. Most power banks use Li battery cells that emit power from the device to your phone.


• Don’t charge it whereas it’s hot

• Keep it dry.

• If there are visible signs of harm, lose it properly, and keep it far away from flammables.

• Don’t put it anyplace wherever it would be crushed if there are cords still attached. Luggage packing or maybe simply contact it in an exceedingly bed will cause the USB connector to bend or break, which may harm the inner circuit.

• The power bank can generate heat once charging. Use it within the well-ventilated area when charging.

• Keep the power bank far away from heat sources, direct sunlight, humidity, water or liquids.

• Do not operate the power bank if it's been wet or damaged to prevent against electrical shock, explosion and injury.

• The power bank is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

• Keep your power bank away from extremely high or low temperatures and other heat sources.

• Keep your power bank safe and dry at all times.

• In the probability that you just see your power bank leaking, refrain from allowing the liquid to come back in contact along with your skin or eyes. carefully clean the area and leaking cell.

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