Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly popular these days. Lithium-ion batteries are a family of reversible batteries having high energy density and unremarkably employed in client physical science. not like the disposable Liprimary battery, it is a uses intercalated Li compound rather than auriferous Lithium as its conductor.

When a Lithium-ion batteries is discharging, Li-ions move from the negative conductor to the positive conductor. once a Lithium-ion batteries is charging, Li ions move within the other way, and therefore the negative conductor becomes the cathode, whereas the positive conductor becomes the anode.

Lithium-ion could be a low maintenance battery, a bonus that the majority different chemistries cannot claim. there's no memory and no regular sport is needed to prolong the battery's life. additionally, the self-discharge is a smaller amount than 0.5 compared to nickel-cadmium, creating lithium-ion similar temperament for contemporary indicator applications. lithium-ion cells cause very little hurt once disposed.


• terribly low profile - batteries resembling the profile of a master card are possible.
• light-weight - gelled electrolytes change simplified packaging by eliminating the metal shell.
• Improved safety, less probability for solution discharge.
• Hold a charge well. they typically lose some five-hitter of their charge every month, against a 2 hundredth monthly loss for NiMH batteries.
• don't need complete discharge before recharging.
• are ready to handle a lot of charge/discharge cycles.

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