We all carry smartphones along with us wherever we go and keeping them powered all the time can be a hassle. With top-notch features making it to every smartphone out there, battery technology is unable to keep up with our needs. Phones are no longer just tools for communication as they are capable of so much more. So how do you keep yourself connected all the time? We have the choice to go for a wireless charger or power banks to keep our phones topped up. But each type of charger has its own distinct benefits.

Wireless Charger

When it comes to wireless chargers, they have become popular fairly recently. Being free or any kind of wires makes charging phones quite convenient. While not all phones come with wireless charging capabilities, a large number of modern-day smartphones come with Qi charging or other equivalent charging standards. The biggest advantage of using a wireless charger is that it reduces wear and tear. However, you cannot take a wireless charger with you on the go.

Power Bank

Power banks, on the other hand, are portable and you can take them around with you. Even though the power bank itself does not need to be connected to a wall socket, you still need a USB cable to power up your device. By now you must have figured out that there are pros and cons to both wireless chargers and power banks. But did you know that wireless charging power banks are now a thing? While they might be more expensive than a standalone wireless charger or power bank, they pack the best of both worlds.

Major brands like Samsung as well as portable power companies have been producing wireless charging power banks for quite some time now. You can pick one up to wirelessly charge your devices no matter where you are!

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