Apple is known for its premium products in the technology segment but one thing that holds true for its devices is that they are not very durable if you do not properly care for them. iPad and iPhone owners have been complaining for years about how flimsy their chargers and how easily they break. If you too have been suffering the same and want a solution, here are some quick tips.

Coiling Cables: The most common reason why cables break is because we tend to coil when storing them. The cables included in the iPhone packaging are quite delicate and if you don’t bend them constantly, they tend to last longer. The best solution is to get a better charger with more sturdy cables from a brand like Imazing.

Using Phones While Charging: One of the biggest culprits of broken chargers is constant usage. If you like using your iPhone all the time then you know how hot chargers can become when you use your phone plugged in. Most chargers are not designed to operate under such stress which is what leads to breakage.

Not Taking Care of The Ends: The two ends of a cable are exposed to the most amount of damage. If you want your chargers to last longer, you need to take proper care of both ends. While there are DIY solutions available, the best way out is to get a good quality third-party cable that has reinforced ends. While it might not offer the same sleek and fancy aesthetics Apple offers, it will help your charger last a whole lot longer.

If you want to get great quality chargers that do not break so easily, try out Imazing’s iPhone chargers that are designed to last long and also work at high operating temperatures. With circuit protection and other safety features included, you just can’t go wrong with them.

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