5 Best Quick Car Chargers for Your iPhone in 2019

With a lot of new applications coming up each day, our phones are likely to consume more power than ever before. You can make the best use of the time you spend on your commute to work by charging your iPhone in your car. So, it is important to have a quick car charger that makes sure your phone is never out of power when you are driving. A perfect car charger would be a combination of quick charging efficiency, reliable functionality, affordable price, and stylish looks. Here are 5 best quick car chargers for iPhone.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger comes with some brilliant features. The best of these features is that it has 4.8 amps dual power which gives 2.4 amps of power per port. That’s enough of power to charge large batteries like iPad and other tablets.

Another notable feature of Anker 24W Dual USB car charger is the Power IQ. The Power IQ manages the power to the connected devices. It directs the power supply as per the necessity. This feature makes it a fast car charger.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Chargers are not only sleek and stylish-looking, but also one of the most efficient quick car chargers. It offers an 18-month warranty. It is one of the best chargers at a low price.

Aukey USB-C PD Car Charger

Aukey’s 36W car charger is known for its flawless quick-charging performance best suitable for iPhone8 or X. It also has a USB-A port and USB-C port for charging other devices.

Imazing iPhone Car Charger

Imazing iPhone car chargers are best known for their fast-charging capacity. They have built-in safety features like short circuit protection and anti-high temperature. Imazing has dual USB ports.

Its high-quality aluminum alloy cover ensures anti-fall, anti-interference, temperature resistance, making it safe for use.

Imazing iPhone car charger is one of the fastest-charging car chargers with a maximum output of 2.4A. With its dual USB interface and organized distribution of current, it can charge a cell phone and an iPad simultaneously. They are compatible with a variety of devices like all kinds of mobile phones, tablets, headphones, GPS navigation, and other terminal electronic products.

Imazing car chargers can also be used as car window hammers for emergency exits in case of accidents.

Scosche ReVolt Dual Car Charger

Scosche ReVolt Dual Car Charger is one of the most commonly used car chargers. The best part of a Scosche ReVolt Dual Car Charger is that it is one of the smallest USB chargers in size. This makes it light-weight. It has two USB ports. Each these ports, with 12W of power. IT provides quick-charging through both the ports simultaneously, no matter what devices you charge.

RAVPower 45W USB PD Car Charger

RAVPower 45 USB PD car charger features a USB-C port as well as an extra USB-A port for charging other devices. It has built-in safety features that provide protection against over-charging, over-current, voltage surge and short circuit. Its PD technology detects the type of device that is connected and supplies power as per the requirement.

Keeping various factors like charging capacity, safety features, design in mind, Imazing offers the best iPhone car charger at an affordable price along with one of the best durability and quality.

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