Strategic Global Jump Starter Detailed Overview Market 2019

A car jump starter is external batteries that can be used to jump start a car when the battery dies. The kind of batteries used in a jump starter is lithium-ion battery and lithium acid battery. A car jump starter can act as a life-saver by jump starting the car when the battery dies, leaving you stranded in the middle of the road.

There are two types of car jump starters: Jump boxes and plug-in units. Jump boxes contain lithium batteries and jumper cables. They are lightweight and smaller in size, making them easy to fit in the car. The plugs in units are heavier, bigger and need to be plugged into power source in order to function. Plug-in units are capable of delivering higher amperage. Here is a detailed overview of the jump starter market for the year 2019.

• Vendors are investing in new product development:

The vendors in the jump starter market are investing in new product development for expanding their product profile. This is the top trending strategy used by the vendors in the car jump starter market.

• Highly competitive market:

There is a high competition among the vendors in terms of product features, pricing, innovation and quality of the product.

• The advent of e-commerce:

The manufacturers of jump starters are giving more importance to widening their distribution network. Thus, the retailers will bring more jump starters into the market. E-commerce has helped the manufacturers to broaden their distribution network.

• Market for lithium acid battery jump starter is limited:

Lithium acid battery jump starters have additional advantages such as protection against overcharging, current overload and reverse connection. Moreover, it is the most powerful lithium jump starter as it delivers the highest amperage. However, they are too large and heavy to be carried in the car. Therefore, its buyers are limited to repair and maintenance shops. This is why there is no demand for lithium acid jump starters by the individual car owners.

• The demand for portable jump starters is expected to rise:

Lithium-ion battery car jump starters are lighter and smaller in size. This is why they are called portable jump starters. Their demand is expected to increase in the coming years.

• The risk of accidents acts as a hindrance to the jump starter market growth:

Though most of the advanced jump starters have inbuilt safety features, there is still a risk of accidents while a non-professional or un-experienced person attempts to jump start the car on their own. This is why not everybody prefers to buy a personal car jump starter.

• Increase in the sales of automobiles increases leads to a rise in the demand for jump starters:

As the sales of automobiles increases, it will lead to an increase in the demand for portable jump starters. The jump starter market is expected to see a huge rise in the year 2019.

• The global jump starter market is expected to be highly fragmented:

With an ever-increasing number of local manufacturers entering, the jump starter market is anticipated to witness major growth.

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