A Beginner's Guide on How to Jump Start a Car

If you own a vehicle, then the below information is for you. Did you face a car dead battery issue before? The majority of the owners will say ‘Yes’ because it is the common issue every car owner face.

Portable car jump starter has become the necessity, and it quickly jumps start your car within a few seconds. Therefore it is always important to know how to use a car jump starter.

Here in this article, we will facilitate with a complete beginner’s guide, especially for new car owners or for those who don’t know how to use a car jump starter.

Let’s find out:

• Read owners’ manual

Before getting your hands on jump starter, it is important to know the necessary details about how it works. In manual, the procedure is categorized accordingly with steps along with images. Once you gain a piece of knowledge about cables (red & black color) and some other details about the battery capacity. Then we can start to go ahead with further steps.

• Safety First

It is the first necessary step you should follow as we all know, car batteries have acid. To avoid any incident, always wear gloves and eye gear before starting the process.

• Turning on the Jump starter

Make sure that your car is in neutral gear before starting jump starter. Also, make sure both cables are placed in the right place.

Note- Never connect the red and black (positive and negative) clamps, or do not allow them to be connected through an electrical conductor.

• Turn on your Car

Next, you can turn the ignition of your car. Portable jump starter sent a burst of energy into your vehicle dead battery within a few seconds and jump-start your car.

• Remove the cables safely

After the vehicle is successfully started, the next step is to remove the wires safely and carefully because ignoring this can led to a problem in your battery. It is always recommended to charge your portable jump starter after every use. But it does not mean, you crank up your car battery most often. Therefore it may damage the potential charging capacity of your car jump starter.

Note- Remove the black (-) cable first followed by the red (+) cable.

Each portable jump starter is a reliable piece of instrument that is specially designed to transfer and boost your car dead battery. However, there are a few essential things you should consider. Always buy portable jump starter from a well-known brand like Imazing, a brand which provides a promising quality with assurance safety and tested long-lasting battery.

There are few other equally important things, and you should not avoid.

• Don’t overheat your portable jump starter
• If your jump starter is heat avoid using it
• Always charge your portable jump starter after every single use
• Choose from a reputed brand like Imazing

Note- If you’re not able to use the jump starter contact the roadside assistance immediately.

In this article, we covered all the major information which is a complete guide for the beginners; therefore use these steps to jump-start your car.

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