Best Portable Power Bank in 2019 (Buying Guide)

In the recent past, like all technology, the power bank also evolved as a new gadget in the electronics industry — the most popular phones like Nokia, Motorola, comprised of isolated batteries that could be taken off. But now, with the changing world and progressing technology power banks have been an enormous demand.

The best power banks are an essential kit for people who travel, remaining stress-free and not to worry about the status of battery while running their laptops or mobile phones. Asking any cell phone geek who is in touch with his mobile throughout the day, no doubt it has been the best invention for the new generation. But the big question is, “How good it is for your smart phones?”

Here in this article, we will resolve all such issues and provide you the best option of power banks in terms of performance and cost.

Benefits of using Portable Power Banks:

■ It is the most useful gadget while there’s a power cut or no electric board near you.

■ Portable power banks have worked miraculously by making it easier to carry it while traveling and going for vacations.

■ It can be effortlessly recharged by attaching to any USB port, providing you power back up.

■ The users do not face any more trouble while chatting on low battery situation.

■ Grants fast charging, being a high powered device, promise long-lasting battery life.

■ Quite inexpensive.
Besides listing the various advantages provided by a simple gadget, our aim in this guide is to familiarize you with the 5 best portable power banks in 2019.

Anker Power Core 10400mAh
If you think of one of the best power banks, then in our opinion you may consider this product because it has a bigger battery capacity. It can charge speed up to 3amps. And it also offers few safety measures like short circuit protection and many other safety measures.

Imazing IM10 QC
This is one of the best products you can choose; it provides the raw power which is capable enough to charge your smart phones at once. With massive 10000mAh capacity battery, it has a Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 which charges your devices 50% in just 20mins. A well-known brand with highly featured power bank can be the ideal option for you.

RAVPower Luster 3350mAh
A small and powerful power bank which powers 3350mAh battery. Light in weight and it comes in white color option. 3 status LEDs keep you informed of remaining capacity. It offers a decent power capacity certainly enough to charge your smart phone.

iMute Power Bank

This portable charger is one of the highest capacity compact chargers in the market. With its high power, it can charge an average smart phone over six times, which explains its durability. It can also charge MacBooks and laptops.

RAVPower Universal Power Bank Travel Charger

RAVPower bank is an ideal choice. It may cost a bit, but worth a bit more cash. It comprises of both Type-C port as well as iSmart USB with plenty of battery capacity.

We have listed above five best portable power banks in 2019. These are quite several power banks that are well-known in the market.

With the above information, we hope you understood which the ideal power bank for you as per your needs. Imazing power bank is one of the best products in budget and worth each penny.

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