Car Battery Life: How to Maintain Your Car Battery Especially During Summers

If you are a car owner, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your car’s battery life plays an important role in your day to day life, as it not only supports the basic functioning of your car, but it also charges your phones while driving. The summer heat can have damaging effects on your car’s battery life. The excessive heat can result in the evaporation of the battery fluids, overcharging which shortens the lifespan or breakdowns.

Here are some precautions you can take to maintain your car’s battery life during summers:

• Clean up the corrosion and secure the cable clamps:

The heat of summer does affect your car’s battery life. Heat can result in internal damage and can also lead to car battery failure. Heat causes evaporation of battery fluid. This can result in the building up of corrosion on terminals and connections. Ensure that you clean up the battery terminals on a regular basis to clear the corrosion away. While doing this, check if the cable clamps are clean and tightly secured.

• Invest in a portable car battery jump starter:

The car batteries often die in summers. Hence, it is always wise to invest in a car battery jump starter. This can save you from situations like getting stranded on the roadside, hoping to get help from some other car. With the help of a jump starter, you will no longer be dependent on anybody else. All you have to do is just connect the car’s battery to the jump starter and start your car!

They can literally turn out to be your lifesavers and can save you from spending on a tow. Some jump start battery packs are capable of charging your car’s battery too. Imazing IM29 Car Jump Starter is one of the best options as it comes with multifunctional USB charging ports, LED flashlight and has built-in safety features.

• Flush the engine coolant system:

In summer, it is important to keep your car engines cool as overheating can affect your car’s battery life. Time to time flushing of the engine as per the recommendations by the car manufacturer helps in keeping your car cool. Also, keep a check on the coolant levels. Handling a hot engine can be very dangerous if done without proper care. Do not open the radiator lid of a hot engine. This can lead to severe burns. Keep a regular check on hoses and drive belts and look for any negative signs like soft spots or cracking.

• Get the car battery tested:

If your battery is more than three years old, have a technician find out how long the battery can survive just to make sure you get the battery replaced before it leaves you stranded on the road. A five-minute battery test can ensure that your car battery is ready for the scorching summer heat. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

• Inspect the car battery case:

Observe the battery case to find out if there are any bulging, cracks or any leakage of fluid. If you find any of these signs, it means that your car’s battery needs an immediate replacement.

• Make sure regular maintenance is performed every season:

The regular maintenance routine should include changing the oil, mechanical inspection as well as battery test.

With the above information, we categorized the information on how to maintain your car battery in summers. It is equally important to use reputed brands portable jump starters which are affordable and are a great value for money.

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