Buying Guide: Reasons to Consider while Purchasing the Mobile Power Bank

Mobile phones and tablets today are being used for various purposes. At the same time, these functionalities drain the battery to a large extent. Most people prefer carrying a power bank along, as it can charge their mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Here are some points to consider while buying a power bank. Lets’ find out:

• Capacity:
The most important point to consider while choosing a power bank would be its capacity. The capacity of the mobile power bank determines how much power it can supply to charge your devices without charging the power bank. Capacity is measured in terms of mAh. Similarly, the capacity of the mobile device’s battery is also measured in terms of mAh. For example, if your mobile device has a 3000mAh battery, a power bank with the capacity of 3500mAh can charge it fully at once. However, a power bank with a higher capacity would be able to charge multiple devices.

• Input and output specifications:

This does not apply to the latest models of power banks. However, do check the input and output specifications to make sure that they are compatible with your device. Usually, portable battery packs for mobile have an output of 1A at 5V over the USB port.

We always prefer to buy battery packs of higher capacity, don’t we? We need to remember that higher the capacity, the longer will it take to recharge the battery pack. There are some battery packs that you can charge as they recharge other devices.

• Check the price-quality ratio:

Choosing the right power bank is not all about making your choice of the color options available. It is important to make a consideration as per your usage. Accordingly, you can choose the highest quality in your budget. There are cases wherein cheap power banks have caused overload and damaged electronic devices. They may also have a very short life span. Therefore it is highly recommended that you consider the quality along with the price ratio while buying a power bank.

It is always advisable to buy batteries of well-known brands like Imazing in order to make sure there is no compromise in the quality.

• The smaller, the better:

Since a mobile power bank is supposed to act as a portable charger for your device, it would be very beneficial if it is sleek. This is because you would probably be carrying it around in your bag most of the time.

• Higher amperage:

Amperage is a very important factor to consider while picking up a power bank. Amperage is what determines how quickly the power bank can charge your mobile devices. Higher the amperage faster will be its capability to charge the devices. Generally, a mobile power bank has amperage of 1 to 3.5A.

• Capacity to charge:

Each mobile device’s battery has a different charging capacity. In order to calculate how many times you can charge your mobile device with a fully charged power bank, by dividing USB ports.

These were the few important buying guidelines you should consider before buying a power bank.

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