Giveaway Contest: Get a Chance to Win Next Generation Imazing IM27 Jump Starter Equipped with The Most Advanced Features

Hello everyone! We are back again with a giveaway contest, this time Imazing planned to give eight IM27 jump starter for free in a giveaway contest. All you need is to read the information until the end.

IM27 model is the latest and most advanced featured jump starter from Imazing. It does not only have advanced features, but it also comes with those features which you never heard before in a portable jump starter.

There are a wide-range of portable jump starters available in the market but do you only a few from reputed brands are safer to use and pass the quality check. Let's take an example of NOCO GB70 which cost twice than the Imazing IM70.

IM70 comes with an attractive price of $79.99, whereas, NOCO GB70 comes with the cost at $195.02. Both come with 2000A and but IM27 comes with a bigger battery of 18000mAh along with Qualcomm Q3.0 fast charging capabilities and many more.

Why spend more when Imazing brings the special giveaway contest exclusively for you. The brand is offering you one of the best portable jump starters for free and also it is loaded with some extraordinary features which are hard to find at this price point.

Let's throw some light on the exclusive features which make the product far superior to the rest-

  • Smart intelligent clamp: 

IM27 comes with a clear instructional guideline LCD display which is indicated with 10 advanced safety features including input overvoltage protection, output overvoltage protection,step-down compensation protection, input overcurrent protection, output overcurrent protection, intelligent current matching, short circuit protection, backflow protection, automatic intercepting protection, and electrostatic protection.

  • Power Lithium battery:

The 18000mAh battery delivers a powerpack performance to all your devices along with fast charging capabilities. The car jump starter can charge your smartphone, tablets and other electronic devices without harming the battery capacity of your device.

  • Safety Guaranteed:

Imazing gives additional security and adds rich interfaces to this best jump starter. It comes with features like input overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, output overcurrent protection, electrostatic protection and many other important additional security features which ensures you the complete safety in any weather or work conditions.

  • External body features:

It comes with an additional flashlight, easy-view LCD display, USB port and USB C-port which is ready to power up your devices on the go.

  • Power Output:

With 18000mAh powerful battery it delivers an outstanding 2000A start peak current with 12V car charger. It comes with two additional port to charge your electronic gadgets one port supports QC 3.0 and the other one delivers an impressive 5V power output.

With the above information, it is clear that Imazing’s IM27 is a clear winner in terms of specifications and pricing point of view. It is made with high-quality material along with precise engineering and fine texture. It is crafted with high precision to offer only the best.

With the above information, we know you’re excited to put your hand on the new IM 27 jump starter, we will now tell how to enter in the free giveaway contest and you could be one of those who stand a chance to win the Imazing jump starter.

How To Enter in the contest to claim your free Imazing giveaway?


Enter to win:

Win Imazing IM 27 Jump Starter Giveaway 

Win Imazing IM 27 Jump Starter Giveaway

2019.09.20 - 2019.09.30

-One entry per person.
-We will notify the winner by Facebook/ Email, but if they don't respond in 48 hours we will move on to another entry.

How to choose the prize:
1. EIGHT Winners will be chosen with a random draw generator.
2. Refer friends, to earn more entries,The more entries you enter, The more chance to win.

-As a winner you agree to post a photo of your new Jump Starter, some giveaways aren’t real and we want people to know that ours is.


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